What is a Pogey Crate?
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To answer this question we must first explain the term "Pogey Bait".


The term "Pogey Bait" is derived from the military acronym POG (pronounced poge) which is primarily used by infantry personnel (Grunts), to describe someone who is not in an infantry MOS (Military Occupational Specialty). 

POG's or Personnel Other than Grunts, are typically administration, supply or clerical. Because they have a "Skate MOS", they generally don't train in the the field like Grunts, who practically live there. Grunts are issued field rations such as MRE's and the occasional  "Hot Meal", if ya lucky. So, we always make certain to pack our own supply of "Pogey Bait", which is quite simply anything that is not the issued field ration. 

The term is used to suggest that our unissued snacks can be used to lure the POG's away from their desks and into the field. Now, that's the clean definition. I digress.

Yes, Snacks! and lots of it. And I mean anything, such as jerky, beenie weenies, spam,  candy bars, etc. It only needs to be high calorie junk food to keep us highly motivated and mission oriented. We even use it as part of our own barter system. 


We at Pogey Crate are a wife and husband team. Two veterans,  US Army and Marine Corps (Not POGs by the way), that just can't seem to let go of the great memories of being in the field training. Ok, I admit some memories are absolutely miserable.  However, always an absolute Honor.  Although we poke fun at one another, we believe every service member is family regardless of branch or MOS. 

We still love being in the outdoors and still pack our pogey bait when we hike or go camping with our children. We decided to share this fun tradition with everyone, Active Duty, Veteran or anyone who loves being outdoors. Pogey Crates are replica wooden ammo crates that are handmade with 100% hard wood, and are designed to be keepsakes. They are filled with, you guessed it, pogey bait! These crates are personalized and filled with homemade craft jerky. They make great retirement gifts, care packages, birthday presents, or any occasion for that highly motivated hard charger in your life. Crates can be customized specifically for the recipient. When done enjoying your pogey bait, keep your Pogey Crate as an awesome souvenir that will last for years to come. 

Each crate has a control number of authenticity. This control number will be utilized in the future for drawings, giveaways and other special prizes. 

We will be including additional custom personalized gifts very soon. So Standby!

You know the drill; Hurry up and wait!

A portion of all proceeds are directly, and I mean directly, used to provide social activities for veterans in our local community. 


Get Some!